Saturday, October 9, 2010

19w 6d interview

There's something special about baby feet. The new blog header is Fletcher-feet-inspired.

Fletcher continues to surprise us with his strength and growth. I met Andy's two-month-old first cousin once removed (we googled to find out the correct term for the relationship), and couldn't help noticing that she was quite different from Fletcher. When she was unable to lift her head on her own, I realized how amazing it was when Fletcher was lifting his on the day he was born. Will the hyper development continue, or will it plateau?

I conducted an interview with Andy today:

What do you think is baby's cutest body part?

Second cutest?
his baby belly

What do you think is his best baby word?

How old do you think he'll be when he says his first word?
ten months

What will his first word be?
daddy -- he's halfway there already

When is he going to take his first step?
nine months

When will he be crawling?
eight months

Footnote from Andy: "I'm not trying to rush my baby."

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