I'm Lindsay. I'm married to Andy. Our toddler is Fletcher.

I'm a working mom who gets dramatic about all things baby. On August 20, 2009, I started "It's a Developing Obsession" so I would have a place to obsess about my pregnancy.

I'm still here, more obsessed than ever, happily wallowing in the charm, humor, intelligence, belligerence, and spontaneity of my son, and a love that staggers.

Although I like to think I'm funny, what makes this blog different is its focus on emotion and seeking truth. It's a "mommy" blog, scrapbook, photo album, and the place where I set down my heart when it gets too heavy.


The First Post
The Miscarriage
The Ultrasound
The Labor Story
The Return to Work
The Pee Story
The Sentimental Memory
The Dinner Story
The First Birthday