Sunday, February 20, 2011


In the eighth month of Fletcher's life, he has rocketed forward. When he sees what he wants, he will crawl and climb to get it. He pulls himself up to standing using the couch, coffee tables, bathtub, and even my pants legs.


He amazes me. This is the face of a person becoming.

He sits and hops up and down when he's excited. Or when he's on his back, he bangs his happy heels on the floor.  

He's endlessly curious, and often easy to distract.

Today, he managed to climb up to kneel on the first step.

His favorite thing to do is climb the step to the dining room and start causing trouble.

He can feed himself a bottle, and he makes good use of his feet.

He's always delighted to see Walker.

Sometimes, if we aren't close enough to catch, he tumbles off the step. And lands with his face.

He may be practicing his Michael Jackson pose here. Or Al Bundy, sans pants. Or doing the robot.

I see you!


He gives hugs and kisses freely. I cannot exaggerate how it makes my heart swell.

What? I'm not doing anything.


nom nom nom

Every moment that he grows, changes, discovers, learns, hurts, heals, and loves, so do I.

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