Saturday, March 3, 2012

21 months (and 9 days) old

Pictures from his 21-month-day trip to the park with daddy:

Happy 21 Months!



Laughing at Humpty Dumpty and Aunt Alyssa:

Okay, I got shoes on. That means we're going outside, right?

loving grandma

loving cheese puffs in a can

joining his new friend Emma at the piano

When you're trying to cook, and your toddler is hanging on you and screaming at you, and then you ruin the food, throw the plate on the floor. Win-win:

Miserable Sick Faces:


a shared love of ribbon

extension cords & spilled cheerios

Oh, it's not time to play in the sink? Really? Maybe you should tell that to my PINK STEP STOOL. Burn!

Thanks to a snow storm, we all had a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Simpson's last night, which was good practice for next weekend when Andy and I are in a wedding and he'll have his first night without us. Or, perhaps more significantly, we'll have our first night without him.

Coming soon: a photo journal of the many messy projects we've attempted daily to keep the boy busy and learning.

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