Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday

Step One: Try to light hand on fire

Step Two: Smash cupcake to face

Fletcher, my fearless boy, you have been with us for two brief, life-altering years. You practically flew out to meet us, and have been bringing adventure to our lives ever since.

You may never comprehend what that means to me, what you've given me just by being you.

By being mine.

It isn't something that can be explained. Saying you'd give your life for someone is just words until you become the parent of a bright, demanding, magical child like you. 

Being immersed in your present and future, I have a hard time remembering what you were like in the beginning, or a year ago. You were walking then, but not as fast. You knew what you wanted, but weren't as independent or stubborn. A lot of the things you control and take ownership of now were out of your reach then.

Your reach continues to grow.

Today you begin your third year. This year, I'm determined, you will learn to speak beyond your four words, become potty trained, move out of your crib, move into a new house, have more time with grandparents or daycare, and God willing become a brother.

Big changes.

Nothing you can't handle.

My little boy, you won't always be little. But you will always have someone who will protect you, stand up for you, and hold your hand. You will always have someone who believes in your ability to learn and stand on your own. Someone who will listen. Someone who will let go when that's what's best for you. Someone who will never let go in her heart.

I will always be at your mercy, little man. There's no place else I'd want to be.

ice cream cake


his first mp3 player

a little too much partying?

a present saved for his actual birthday

 Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby

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