Monday, April 11, 2011


For the first few years of Twitter, I was convinced it would never be for me. Now I'm hooked. If you join Twitter and you aren't having an awesome time with it, that means you just aren't following the right people. Everyone's "right people" is different, of course. I follow a combination of parenting bloggers and comedians. Just a little Twitter fact for the non-tweeting: everyone on Twitter thinks they're a comedian.  

I'm currently following 144 hilarious people. And Charlie Sheen, but not because I want to.

A Tweet Sampler:

I love how the people I follow make me laugh. I love how random and clever they are. I also love when they make me think.

I'm always tired, and always guilty for feeling tired when I'm perfectly happy in all other ways, so this simple tweet from Mom101 (and Anna Quindlen) really helped me take a deep breath.

Because tweets are short and have a very brief lifespan, it's a perfect medium for random funniness or elegant thoughts, more so than Facebook because the Facebook news stream is much more intrusive. In Twitter, as soon as you Tweet it it's practically gone. Plus, if you aren't famous and have little to no friends or family on Twitter, then chances are you have little to no followers, so it doesn't matter what you Tweet anyway. No one is listening. It's vanity.

I think I'm a comedian too.

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