Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Week of Music: Day Three

All kids go through a phase where they watch the same three (or so) movies ad nauseam until their parents/siblings/mail carriers shout, "ENOUGH ALREADY." At least, I hope so, or I was just a really annoying child.

So far, having been a parent for only 17 months, I've delighted in re-immersing myself in Disney movies and Sesame Street. But this early in, I'm the one pulling the strings.

To what will Fletcher be drawn when he gets older? What will he watch/read/play on repeat? I'm eager to know.

For now, here's a song from Annie, because who can ever have too much of Carol Burnett's brilliance as Miss Hannigan, or Daddy Warbuck's voice, or Grace's charm, or Annie's freckles? Not me, apparently.

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