Friday, August 17, 2012

If anyone wants to read it, well, that's nice.

I'm not even sure what this blog is about anymore, or if it matters that it has no purpose and my original motivation has quietly come free from gravity and is floating somewhere up in the rain clouds, appearing occasionally during the brief flashes of lightning that is my old self, my old brain, making cameos in my current life.

Now and then I'm just going to blabber here and throw questions, because questions are all I really ever have, and if anyone in the world wants to read it, well, that's nice.

I get short home movies from my husband sometimes in the middle of the work day, and that's just one more reason why I couldn't make it through the week or day or moment without this guy. Here are the more recent ones.

Knocking cars off the ottoman.

He watched Daddy put two felt stickers on the chair legs and did all the rest himself, even repositioning the ones that weren't straight.

We're still working on talking. Daddy got him to say one "oh oh." The rest is babble, to our slight frustration.

Expressing yes and no.

I live for them.

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