Wednesday, February 13, 2013

7w4d? lima bean

Andy said our jelly bean looks more like a lima bean. I'm not even sure if lima beans are bigger than jelly beans, but let's just decide that they are.

Once again this time around, I'm confused by the doctor's timing, but I'll just go with it. She says baby is due September 28, and that today I'm 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Baby measures 7 weeks and 6 days, though, which is what I thought I was...

So whatever. I'll count Saturdays as the first day of every new week from here on out.

Next appointment will be a month from now, though I may be doing the early screening at the hospital in a few weeks if I feel like it.

Right now I don't feel like doing much of anything. Even eating, my one joy lately, has taken a wrong turn into vomit-land. Too much work, painful nausea, and a night-owl toddler mean I don't nap and barely sleep at night. I feel like a zombie, if zombies were prone to throwing up.

Hello, bean.

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