Monday, August 23, 2010

three months old photogenicity

official three month photo

Andy and I were never that photographically-inclined. We especially haven't enjoyed being the camera's focus, as he always manages to look stoned and I always manage to look like a smiling-too-largely pale zombie.

But now we're parents, which means we're predisposed to think that there's nothing in the world that's better to look at than our baby boy. It doesn't help that the grandparents think so too.

The fact is, he seems to be moving in fast forward. He spends all his time rolled onto his side now. He's gripping onto his new three-month-present (Freddie the Firefly) and even putting it in his mouth when he gets lucky. Pretty soon he'll have full control of those hands. He'll be rolling over regularly. He'll be saying more than ingoo, endee, and ahmee.

So we need all the photographic evidence we can get. Lucky he didn't inherit his photogenicity from us.

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