Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Little Leaf | my first children's book

The Little Leaf   

Once upon a time, there lived a little leaf, green and happy. Sometimes, it worried. What if it fell off its branch?

The sun made it hot. The rain made it wet. The wind tugged its branch, but the little leaf held on.

The dog barked. The rabbit nibbled. The squirrel dug. The mommy, daddy, and small brown-haired boy brushed by. The little leaf held on.

The little leaf worried about the ground, where it was sure to fall. Many days passed, and it became curious. Finally, it grew brave, and let go of its branch.

The little leaf fell softly to the ground and was happy once more. That was easy! Soon, it began to worry again. What would happen next?

The sun made it hot, and the leaf became dry and brown. The wind tossed it into the grass, and the little brown leaf worried more.

One afternoon, the brown-haired boy toddled over the grass. The leaf hoped. Maybe the boy would choose the little leaf for playing! Plants and leaves nearby had more colors, though, and the little leaf lost hope.

The boy bent down and chose the little brown leaf! He picked it up gently.

Hooray! The leaf traveled in the boy's small hand, across the grass and to the place where his mommy sat and watched.

The boy placed the leaf in his mommy's hand, and the little leaf saw her smile. Then the boy reached to her again. Was he going to take the leaf back?

The boy surprised his mommy and the little leaf! He closed her fingers over it. It was hers now. Then the boy toddled away.

The mommy had happy tears in her eyes. Hugged in her hand, the little leaf would never worry again.

It was the mommy's very first gift from her son.

The little leaf would be loved forever.

Illustrations forthcoming. Because I have so much time on my hands, right?

If you're familiar with children's books, please recommend edits. Thank you.

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