Wednesday, June 23, 2010

one month old

To celebrate Fletcher's first month, I did a little photo shoot.

I can't believe my baby is a month old... I can't believe how much he's changed already. He's getting so long that he doesn't fit right on the boppy nursing pillow anymore. According to our Wii, Fletcher weighs around 10.7 pounds, and I'm definitely feeling the extra weight every time I pick him up.

In the last week, he has really begun to feel less like a "newborn" and more like a "baby" to me, mostly because there are real stretches of wakefulness now. With the help of the pacifier, bouncer, and front-carrier, I can manage to get a few things done when he's awake and demanding, but mostly I'm at his beck-and-call. Although this whole parenting gig isn't easy, it's the best. He's like an angel.

My daydreams about the future aren't any less just because Fletcher has been born. I continue to wonder about him... what will he look like as a little boy? What will his voice sound like? What kind of man will he be? But the more I think about the future, the more I want to pause time indefinitely. Can he just stay my baby?

Happy month-day, baby Fletch. You've wrapped us all around your tiny little finger.

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