Friday, July 2, 2010

5w 5d sun

I miss my brand new newborn.

Every day I love Fletcher more. It's almost as if the bigger he grows, the larger his gravitational pull. He's the sun to me.


This face right here? This face is the one responsible for changing my entire life.

Until the moment he was born, I had never seen something so fresh and delicate and precious. I will forever remember those two days in the hospital as the most special days of my life (so far). The moment he was born the pain didn't matter; the recovery didn't dampen any of it.

I lay in bed both days and nights just staring at him, at that scrunched up little face, that head-full of soft hair, the squished nose and one eye that wouldn't open as big as the other, those skinny arms and legs and fingers and toes that were just then experiencing the open air and the touch of our hands for the first time.

This is the baby that I will always associate with the biggest and greatest moment of my life.

I love my son today more than I thought I could ever love anything. I can still miss the newborn, though, right?

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