Saturday, July 10, 2010

6w 6d comparison

Andy was looking through baby albums last night, and we noticed something. Sorry, Fletcher. You're looking like your mommy! For comparison...



There are some things I want to make sure I don't forget in the many years we have ahead of us. Little things, like the chipmunk noises he makes. The way his hair won't lay down no matter what we try. How he tries to eat his forearm when he gets desperate, how he opens his eyes wide and flails his arms and makes spit bubbles. How good it feels to hold him. His sweet smell after he eats. His rapidly changing facial expressions.

Sometimes when you smile at him, he responds with a smile of his own, and there's nothing more perfect in the world.

As awful as it sounds, I don't want to forget his astonishing... digestive system. In the middle of the night, Andy and I have heard him over in his cradle let it rip for a good fifteen seconds and we both just laugh. Is it terrible to be proud of your child's bowel movements?

I realized last night, when I finally had him in my arms after a very long day without, that part of what makes it so difficult being away from him is the way he changes every single day. Last night he had his hands in fists and he was beating them against me while he fed. It was something he'd never done before.

Every day he gets even stronger, even longer, even more amazing.

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