Wednesday, July 28, 2010

9w 3d brewers

official two-month Fletcher photo

Time to stock up on size 2 diapers. This little man weighed in at 12 pounds, 10.5 ounces and almost 24 inches long at his checkup on Monday. That's just a little longer and a little heavier than the average two-month-old. He's healthy and normal, and was fairly stoic about the medicine shoved down his throat and the three shots stabbed into his thighs.

Still, Monday may have been the most fussy day he's had so far, starting long before his doctor's appointment. Hungry but won't eat. Tired but won't sleep. Dealing with this first real test, I got panicky... because that night was his very first Brewers game, and I'm not equipped yet to know how to handle a loud baby in a public place.

But I should've known Fletcher wouldn't disappoint. He slept through the tailgate party, ate like a champ during the first half of the game, and was happy to be passed around for the second half. It didn't hurt that the Brewers won, as well.

Fletcher knows how to party

His next doctor's appointment is when he's four months old in September. At that point, we're going to discuss introducing solid foods, something I thought was light years away!

Although I love each stage of Fletcher's babyhood, it isn't that I'm sad to see him reach new stages of development. Each day is one of change and excitement and joy. He slept more yesterday and last night than he ever has before -- maybe he was tired out by a growth spurt. I swear today he looks older than he did yesterday, with a look of boyhood starting in his baby face. The part of me that worries this is all going too fast is the part that makes sure I don't take for granted a single moment of this precious time.

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