Thursday, July 14, 2011

11DPO stupid test

July 14, 2011

You suck, pregnancy tests. I hate you. I have a lot of words for this, but none of them are worth reading. Blah blah blah you suck. I'm having a caffeinated soda and a candy bar and screw it all.

I'm so tired of myself.

From "With Every Heartbeat" by Robyn:
Maybe we can make it alright
We could make it better sometime
Maybe we can make it happen baby
We could keep trying but things will never change

So I don't look back
Still I'm dying with every step I take
But I don't look back

And it hurts with every heartbeat

4:36 p.m.: Ohmygod I'm sweating my butt off. Is this a PMS thing then? I'm going to say that it is. But you know I'm going to pee on another stick tomorrow anyway. Stupid tests.

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