Thursday, July 7, 2011

independence day

One year ago, our little family stood on the sidewalk in front of our condo, dodging mosquitoes and watching the fireworks in the distance. Fletcher was so tiny. We turned him in the direction of the bright splash of lights in the dark, but agreed that he really didn't see it.

This year, he saw them, and though he was supremely tired, he enjoyed them. Even the loud crack as they exploded across the sky didn't scare him.

This year, independence has a new meaning for us, as Fletcher asserts himself. To "assert" is to cause others to recognize one's authority or right by confident and forceful behavior. There's no better word for Fletcher... when he absolutely refuses to eat anything. When he goes after the floor lamp and laughs when he's scolded. When he charges the cat. When he demands to be picked up and put down and picked up and carried around absolutely everywhere now and forevermore.

It's good to want these first amounts of independence. It's hard to give on demand.

Photos of my Hawaiians:

So that's why he emptied the toys out of the little toy box:


4th of July Parade:

Catching a few fireworks:

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