Wednesday, July 20, 2011

commenting on blog posts

I rarely comment on the blog posts of others because without fail I don't say what I mean to say. I either sound whiny, ignorant, or so random that it looks as though I didn't even read the post.

When I do comment, as I did yesterday on Loralee's post about being uncomfortable around women nursing in public, it's often because I want to admit a shortcoming of my own (in this case, wishing I wasn't uncomfortable with nursing in public). It's a self-absorbed tendency. Such are the readers of these blogs that they often reply to my comments with advice in an effort to help me, a stranger.

Although I want to say, "Don't bother," that isn't very nice, is it? The people in this "mommy" blogger community are better than I. While I'm adding to the problem, they're trying to add to the solution. I want to say, "Don't bother," because I've already explored my possibilities. I didn't wake up one day and say, "Oh, I have this new problem. Instead of trying to fix it, I'm going to comment on a blog post and hope someone does the work for me."

Of course, the lovely Loralee cut to the heart of what I was saying by pointing out that no one should feel pressure either way in the public breastfeeding debate, but that she supports me for wishing I had "more freedom and less judgment" to do so.

The honest reason I bother airing out my problem(s) on someone else's post is loneliness. I just want someone to say, "Me too, absolutely." And that's it. To not be the only one entering the room through this particular door.

Just a "Yes, I also wish I wasn't so worried about what other people think that I completely inconvenience myself by not nursing in public."

Instead I got a sweet reply that said, "I spend time with a lot of other moms and when you’re just getting the hang of nursing, it helps to have the support of another Mom nursing beside you!" And where do you find these other moms? And when do you have time to sit beside them?


*shut up now, Lindsay*


  1. Awe, you are a sweetheart. I think your comments are just fine. You're being way too hard on yourself! xo

  2. Thank you! I'll try not to be too hard on myself about being too hard on myself.