Wednesday, October 14, 2009

7w 2d womanhood

What is the definition of "woman"? I'm not looking for the obvious, but instead I'm considering all the often-talked-about feminist ideas of womanhood and "the female experience."
As a side note, why is womanhood a thought topic much more so than manhood? It isn't so common to philosophize about what it means to be a man and explore the male experience. Is this still the feminist movement in action, caused by remnants of continued gender discrimination? At what point will the amount of female discrimination equal the amount of male discrimination (in our country, anyway)?
Well, back to the so-common-it's-blasé topic of the female experience. Certainly, there are stages in this experience, elements that added together make up the full possibilities that a theoretical woman may collect in the course of her lifetime... elements that make such a lifetime into a celebration of our gender.

Trying to come up with a list of said elements brings to mind a certain Shania Twain song that touts men's shirts, short skirts, etc.

Some elements are taboo in common conversation as they fall under the too-much-information category -- menstruation and, part of this blog's focus, miscarriage are two of them. Sorry for any men that stumble across this page, but all the (of age) women you know do bleed down there. It's a part of life, and one that (menstruation, anyway) should be understood by all and shrugged at by now.

However, that doesn't mean it's intelligent to treat topics like miscarriage and abortion on the same level as what you're having for lunch today. If you haven't already heard of the Madison-based CEO who told the world via Twitter of her relief at having a miscarriage, I'm sorry to be the one to bring it up. Truly, her story is a waste of space. As a fellow public relations person, I can say that Penelope Trunk (a name as fake as it sounds) is someone who clearly plotted out her little publicity stunt. It earned her a new business title and the kind of national coverage over which we PR people drool.

Ms. Trunk is an insult to the nearly overwhelming pain, joy, and weighty substance of the clichéd female experience. Enough about her.

This blog of mine is small and simple. It doesn't even have followers at this point, because I haven't done anything to garner it any attention. But I still hope that it is able to convey the heaviness of these female experiences -- trying to conceive, miscarriage, pregnancy, and motherhood (coming soon). At least, I hope it shows respect.

At just seven weeks pregnant, I'm still at the starting line of this element of the wondersome female experience. It feels as though my life is culminating, like this enormous change is something for which I've been waiting a long, long time.

My remarkable ignorance at what is really coming for me actually only adds to the experience. No matter how much thinking and preparing I do, having an infant is going to blow my mind. So why am I grinning?

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