Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9w 1d whale

Ahhhhh! Are you serious? This is nine weeks pregnant, in a first pregnancy?

Granted, there's some weird driver's-license-esque shadowing going on there, but what the H? I'm blowing up!

According to the Internet (how on earth did our mothers survive their pregnancies without the Internet?), I'm probably just the most bloated I've ever been in my life and it'll be a month or two before that bubble of whatever is replaced by actual baby.

Or else I'm well on my way to looking like a beached whale come May 2010.

Quotes from maternity shirts seen online... Anyone have any other good ones?
I'm not fat, I'm pregnant
I'm a virgin... but this is an old T-shirt
I think I might be pregnant (worn on someone far along)
Touch the belly, lose the hand
Watermelon smuggler
Coming to a hospital room near you
Birth control is for wimps
I grow people. What's your superpower?
Yup... I swallowed a basketball
Don't touch me. It's contagious.


  1. Awwww....you belly is cute! I recall residing permanently in sweatpants around week 10 or so of my first pregnancy due to bloating. Fun times. Oh, and because I'm dead tired at 9:10 in the evening, I initially misread "beached whale" as "bleached whale." Well, I certainly felt like a bleached whale at the end of my pregnancies. Come to think of it, 10 weeks post-partum, I'm still feeling like a bleached whale. Wait, this isn't ending right...

  2. If only I could wear sweatpants to work! I keep undoing the buttons... not good...