Thursday, April 29, 2010

35w 3d effacement


I got the car seat all set up to go in my little two-door. It was actually pretty simple and just has the drawback of making the passenger seat (which was already uncomfortable for Andy) even more uncomfortable, because it can't be pushed all the way back now.

I'm still beaming from today's doctor appointment. I'm doing what all the pregnant women do -- getting all excited about physical progress that really doesn't guarantee anything. But dang it's cool.

The doctor said the baby's heartbeat couldn't be any more perfect. She pushed around and felt the baby more than anyone ever has -- quite a feeling -- and confirmed that the head is down, the big rump on my left, and the legs and feet way up on the right, like I thought.

Then I got my first real exam measurement and I heard her say the sweetest words: "I don't think you're going to make it to your due date."

Part of me is all, She's just getting my hopes up. But then the really eager part of me is all, Isn't she the expert?

Well, I'm one centimeter dilated and 70 percent effaced. And I have to admit I Googled to find out what I should be doing to help things along.

Go, baby, go!

Time for a fun song. Explorations into trip-hop have unearthed this onomatopoetic gem, "Fun For Me" by Moloko:
I dreamt that I was dreaming, I was wired to a clock,
Tickled by the minute hand, tick tock, tick tick tock...

I dream I'm in a tunnel between here and now,
Scooby dooby, where would you be, bow wow wow wow,
I dream I'm at a crossroads, no place left to go,
I look in each direction, eeny meeny miny mo...

Fee, fi, fo, fun for me... fun for me

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