Monday, March 1, 2010

27 weeks ladders

It's officially the third trimester! Yesterday and today, the baby's movement really has gone into high gear. For the first time, early this morning I was woken up and kept awake by what felt like an internal drum solo.

With each increase in happiness and excitement, comes an increase in pain. Two different ladders, up and up and up they both go. Three times per week I'm going for chiropractic adjustments for the next four weeks, then once per week after until delivery. I'll just have to sell a kidney to pay for it.

On the happiness ladder is the scene I came home to: my husband vacuuming after moving furniture and rearranging our bedrooms, setting up Baby Schultz's very own room. *happy tears*

I shared passages from Stephenie Meyer's New Moon that helped me during the miscarriage. Now I'd like to share a passage from the fourth and final book of the saga, Breaking Dawn. *spoiler alert* To my own little nudger.
I could only stare at my shocked eyes in the mirror, my fingers gingerly pressed against the swelling on my torso.

And then, like in my vivid nightmare last night, the scene abruptly transformed. Everything I saw in the mirror looked completely different, though nothing actually was different.

What happened to change everything was that a soft little nudge bumped my hand -- from inside my body.

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