Thursday, March 11, 2010

28w 3d pop

I wondered today if the baby is in any kind of pain. With how fast baby is growing (the fullness and stretching in my abdomen is at a record high) wouldn't baby feel growing pains? Are the pain centers of the brain fully developed?

What will the birth feel like for the baby?

Not that any of it really matters. Baby won't remember any of this, and as long as it doesn't have any effects... I just can't help but be curious about all aspects of this big thing that has taken over my world.

I heard from a few different people yesterday and today that I look "really big" and "popped" all of a sudden, so it's not just a sensation of fullness. I really am full. The happiness and anxiousness grow in proportion to the expansion of my abdomen... and the closer the due date gets.

I want to share the following two labor stories from the author of They aren't for the faint, but they had me laughing so hard I was crying. Whether it's just my kind of humor, I don't know, but these two different labors (one with drugs, one without) really got me. Thanks, Angela!

Labor #1 "I have basically ensured that my baby will be pooping garlic for the first 13 years of her life."

Labor #2 "Hello, cramp. Your blouse is lovely."

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