Monday, March 22, 2010

30 weeks contractions


Andy and I waited in line for about an hour to meet Joe Satriani and get his autograph. I spent a lot of the wait rocking back and forth, stretching my hips, and feeling the baby...

Periodically, I've been getting the feeling that the baby is stretching or getting "bigger" for a few moments. The truth finally hit me while we were waiting in line.

"Andy, I'm so dumb."


"The baby's not getting bigger. My uterus is getting smaller!"

What the other people in line thought of that conversation, I'm not sure. But I'm so excited to know what a practice contraction feels like! It's one more milestone down...

We're officially three-quarters of the way there! Here's a look at 10 weeks, to 20, to 30:

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