Wednesday, January 6, 2010

19w 2d weight

Here's the whale-tastic 19 week belly comparison:

I consulted the American Pregnancy Association to learn a little more about healthy pregnancy weight gain, because every morning when I step on the scale I get a larger number than the day before, and I'm starting to get worried.

I was a "normal" weight before getting pregnant, but close to underweight for my height. The recommended total weight gain for me is 25 - 37 pounds.

In the first trimester I was supposed to gain 3 - 5 pounds, and I really didn't gain anything. In the second and third trimesters, I am supposed to be gaining 1 - 2 pounds per week. Instead, I'm starting to see a pound per day (yikes).

Going by the instructions above, the maximum I should've gained by now is about 11 pounds, which is exactly what I've gained. So it's definitely time to slow down now, if I want to gain only a pound per week from here on out.

Easier said than done, hmm? Maybe it's time I go back to my old friend,

In a nostalgic mood, I added Debbie Gibson to my iPod this morning. Here's "We Could Be Together." The pic used in this YouTube clip is priceless '80s.
I'll give up my security
For just the possibility
That we could be together
For a while
If you said, "Jump"
I'd say, "How high?"
If you said, "Run"
I'd run and fly
Just for the chance
Just for the moment
Should the moment pass us by
And if you ask once
I'll tell you twice
I'll ignore the world's advice
If we could be together
For a while

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  1. You look beautiful!!!

    Try not to stress about the weight too much. You might find in the long run, some weeks you gain a ton, some you don't gain hardly at all. It's not always a perfectly proportioned 1 lb/week. As long as your doctor isn't concerned about it, and as long as you're not eating an entire pan of brownies or pint of ice cream every single evening, you'll be ok.

    Oh, and thanks for the flash from the past. Debbie Gibson!!!