Monday, January 11, 2010

20 weeks lullaby

It's another milestone -- baby is halfway done with developing and we're halfway to becoming parents. I can't believe we've come that far, and yet it feels like I've been pregnant for a long time, only I'm just now really showing.

I had a meeting at church today, which gave me some time in the car "alone with the baby," which is sometimes when I feel a kick or two. Based on tonight, I'm officially convinced that the baby can hear me now.

I was too lazy to find my iPod or find a decent radio station, so I thought, why not sing a Capella? After all, no one was there to hear it... except perhaps the baby. So I came up with my favorite lullaby (or maybe the only lullaby I know) -- the "Stay Awake" song from Mary Poppins, a movie I watched so many times as a child that I still knew all the words.

I got some of the most amazing jabs to the back of my guts, including the strongest kick yet. If I didn't know it was the baby, it would be unpleasant... almost enough to make me feel sick for a second. Instead, it was like magic.

"It kicked really hard!" I told Andy when I got home. "Either it likes it or it's really annoyed with my poor singing."

So then Andy crouched down and sang a few lines from "Summer Lovin'" from Grease. Then he said, "Yeah, it's probably annoyed."

Okay, so this kid won't have the best singing genes, but we'll definitely be a family that knows how to have fun.

Girl or boy? Vote for your prediction in the pole in the right column! Tomorrow's the day!

Here's our lullaby.

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