Monday, January 18, 2010

21 weeks names

I felt something this morning on the way to work (always in the car, it seems...) that puts what I've been calling "kicks" to shame. Seriously, I swerved while driving. I don't know what this baby was doing, but it hurt! I imagined it was turning itself around the hard way.

I had an idea for the nursery -- hanging a baby picture of myself and one of Andy, and then putting one of Baby Schultz in the middle when we get to that point. Here are ours:

Lindsay Dawn, 5 weeks "surprise face"

Andrew Gerald, 5 months "happy baby"

The last week, we've slowly been arguing talking over names. I thought it would be a little more fun than this. Of course, we're just starting out, so maybe it will get better.

In typical fashion, I had my long, carefully chosen list of names all set to go, but none of them won. Andy has had his mind set on one name in particular, which I don't dislike, but I feel lukewarm toward it. We'll just have to keep searching for the perfect one, I guess.

Anyone have any favorites/suggestions? I can say with some certainty that we won't be choosing a name that's in the current top 100 (or maybe even top 1,000) names.

I ♥ stick people. (Thanks, Alyssa)

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