Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5w 4d imagination

It's a bit silly, but as you can see I added a countdown ticker above, counting to midnight on what I assume is our due date at this point, May 28. There's also a different countdown in the right column, and a somewhat creepy "baby cam" at the bottom of the page. (The blog is called "My Developing Obsession," after all.)

One thing I don't understand with these widgets is why they say that I'm in week five... five weeks have already passed. Aren't I in week six? The widget's advice that I should take a pregnancy test is almost comical at this point. It seems I'm a little ahead of the game.

If impatience is a pool, I'm in the deep end. My imagination keeps going over and over things. How we'll tell our parents... how I'll tell my coworkers... what I'm going to learn at the doctor appointment... what it will be like once I can feel Baby Schultz moving around... what it will be like when we bring baby home... who my baby will be...

From "So Pure" by Alanis Morissette.
More so than most anyone
Unapologetically alive
Knot in my stomach
And lump in my throat...

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